New to CNC? Don't worry!  OpenBuilds will walk with you step by step educating you along with way.  
Assembly - Software - Hello World first cut are all included with our easy to follow OpenBuilds Machine Videos!  

What size projects are you planning on making?

This will determine the machine bundle you need to get. if you get the biggest one then you don't have to worry about making the smaller project as all machines are able to cut the same type of material just not the same depth.

Our current generation of machine bundles are ( from smallest to biggest )

OpenBuilds MiniMill 

OpenBuilds C-Beam

OpenBuilds LEAD 1010

OpenBuilds LEAD 1515

To see a full machine bundle comparison please click HERE

Please note that our machine bundles currently come as a kit very well packed and protected. You assemble them by following the step by step build video found on our Youtube channel HERE. Each video covers, in detail, on how to assemble and connect the electronics.  The videos are filmed in the first person point of view so you are building right along with us!

What parts of the machine bundle do I need to purchase to have a functional CNC router?

Below is a list separated by Required to complete your machine vs. Optional and nice to have with details why. Mind that the reason we have these broken out is that many of our Builders may already possess some of these items might just need some of them and not all for various reasons. While building or after the fact you might find it helpful to join other users by going to our support forum and follow the build page of your machine, and that can be found HERE. Each build has a "Discussions" sections where you can jump in and contribute or ask if in doubt.

Required: If you are into getting ready to run a complete CNC router then these is the parts you need to choose:

Include a Driver Board: BlackBox Motion Control System

Add Motors: Either NEMA 23 ( Regular or High Torque )

Include 24V Power Supply Bundle: 24V Power Supply Bundle

Include Router: Any option available will suit ( mind the voltage )

Optional: This will enhance your CNC Router experience

Interface: INTERFACE CNC Touch

XYZ Probe: XYZ Touch Probe Plus

Include Dust Shoe: Any that matches the router selected

Additional Software Options: We offer a great selection but they differ in their options and size capacity. For a small machine like the C-Beam with just 2D cuts, Cut2D from Vectric will do. For larger machines like our LEAD 1515 you would need something like Vectric VCarve Pro that can produce 2.5D projects and 3D by flipping your stock. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the unlimited size build area feature it has. More details on this software available HERE

Do you have a machine kit that includes all the options?

Yes we do. Check out our Fully Loaded Kits for the LEAD series. This kits include all the basic plus all the optional products listed above ( Pro software not included but can be purchased separately )

OpenBuilds LEAD 1010 Fully Loaded

OpenBuilds LEAD 1515 Fully Loaded

What kind of computer do I need?

Any computer or laptop made in the last couple of years is your best bet. The CNC Machine itself does not require a powerful computer but rather the software that you are likely to use to create your projects will have their own set of requirements to consider. 

What software do i need to create and run my projects on the machine?

There are 2 types of software that you need and we provide both of them for free; OpenBuild CAM and Openbuilds CONTROL, both available HERE for download. 

OpenBuilds CAM is where you would draw or import 2D vector lines (SVG, DXF, Bitmap for laser) and create operations on your CNC Router, Laser, Plasma, etc. Once in it you generate an operation (toolpath) to send the project to the machine.

OpenBuilds CONTROL is an application for connecting to, and controlling, your CNC, Laser, Plasma, etc. This is the piece that interacts directly with your machine controller like the BlackBox and receives the operation (toolpath) you created in OpenBuilds CAM.

Please note these software solutions are not dependent on each other and you can certainly replace them for any other commercially available like the ones offer on our store.