Fostering Collaboration, Enriching the Community

OpenBuilds is committed to the principles of open sharing, design, and ideas. By promoting open collaboration, we believe in driving collective progress that benefits the entire community and shapes a brighter future for all.

Our dedication to open-source values is reflected in our designs and parts, which are licensed for open use. We warmly encourage everyone to leverage these resources in accordance with the permissions granted by each license.

Open Source Hardware: A Definition

Unlocking the Power of Openness

We align with the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) definition, championing the concept of openly sharing hardware designs for anyone to access, modify, and distribute.

Copyright and Trademarks: Respecting Intellectual Property

Upholding Legal and Ethical Boundaries

Images and text on the OpenBuilds and OpenBuilds Part Store websites are legally protected by copyright. Unauthorized use of these materials by entities other than OpenBuilds is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent from us.

Moreover, trademarked phrases, brands, and product names, such as OpenBuilds, V-Slot, C-Beam, and more, hold special significance. They cannot be employed by external entities without obtaining express written permission, as stipulated by applicable trademark laws.

Our commitment to fostering an environment of creativity and respect for intellectual property underscores our approach to open-source principles.