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OpenBuilds Community: Your Support Hub

Need support and technical assistance for your builds? Turn to the OpenBuilds Community, where you'll find a wealth of resources. Here's how we can help:

Database and Questions: Navigate the OpenBuilds Community to explore a database of knowledge or post your own questions. Our community is bustling with OpenBuilds staff, Resident Builders, Moderators, and experienced individuals eager to collaborate with you, ensuring your build takes off smoothly.

Reaching Technical Support

Quick Answers and Collaborative Solutions

Technical Questions: Have a technical query or seeking advice for your build concepts? Look no further than the vibrant OpenBuilds community for prompt responses. Utilize the search bar at the top of the community page to pinpoint the solution you need, or initiate your own question. Count on a community of seasoned individuals, resident builders, and OpenBuilds Team members ready to assist.

Instant Help and Knowledge Base

Swift Solutions at Your Fingertips

Frequent Updates: This knowledge base is continually updated to cater to your needs. Check here for troubleshooting tips, technical advice, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Order Assistance

Guidance with Your Order

Order-Related Questions: For inquiries linked to your order, communicate with us via your OpenBuilds Part Store store account. Our messaging system within the account offers direct access to assistance.

Contacting Us

Efficient Communication Channels

Customer Service: Our Team handles all requests quickly and professionally and are here to help!

No Phone Number:   At present, we don't offer phone support. However, you can reach us efficiently through our customer service portal, ensuring your queries are promptly addressed.

Feel free to engage with our support avenues whenever you require assistance. We're dedicated to ensuring your OpenBuilds experience is seamless and your projects thrive.